Poem of the Week: January 13th, 2014

Ryder Collins, author of our poem of the week, “Voyeur,” also has a novel, Homegirl!, available from Honest Publishing Press. More work from this Pushcart Prize nominated poet can be found in our Summer 2013 issue.

By Ryder Collins

there’s someone at my window, sometimes i loom through shuttered blinds
& superimpose myself on the shadow that improvises my outside. i have no
get away plan just small dogs that throw fits whenever i’m near. they want
goddamned kibble but i’m too busy rooting up your radishes.

if i had a wife, i’d say it was for her cravings.

if you stopped me in your yard, I’d give you my first born daughter.

then i could breathe, if you stopped me.

i do not know what compels me to pull radishes. to ignore my babies. to say i
have a wife and daughter.

you have a hidden tower in your back pocket.

you are waiting until the day you catch me. then you could breathe. then i could have your daughter.

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