Poem of the Week: January 20th, 2014

This week we’re reaching back to issue 1.1 of burntdistrict for our poem of the week. Candace Black is the author of The Volunteer and a chapbook, Casa Marina.

By Candace Black

Only the discerning ear can tell
it’s time to let go.
Tomatoes weigh heavy

in the garden. Hostas still extend
spires strung with small lilac
bells. But the light is changed, diminished,

and death settles on the neighborhood
trees that share secrets
and traveling birds. Greens

fade. Wind surrounds
every surface, kissing it
brittle. Abundance

tinged with loss is the human
condition. I like it more than potential,
more than promise, more than fruition.

The wind speaks a language
I understand—threat—and the wind
always delivers.

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