Poem of the Week: October 19th, 2015

Caroline Tanski is a native of Bar Harbor, Maine. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, and received her MFA from Chatham University. She is primarily a non-fiction writer whose interests include travel, libraries, and mid-century fashion. Her poem, “Counterbalance,” first appeared in Volume 1, Issue 2 of burntdistrict.

By Caroline Tanski

In forward bend my back seizes, horizontal
muscle on sacrum. In savasana I cry.
The mat beneath me smells like sweat, like an effort
plied from this warm and humid air and I wonder
for the first time how many others cry here, break
in downward dog, in warrior two, how many
release not only their tension but the wild thing
that’s chased them, sniffed out the vulnerability
in these wide-apart breaths. I think I’m prettier
than I used to be, and worry there corresponds
some opening interior deficiency.
Seems right to pay for it, pay for everything.


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