Volume 4, Issue 1

Featuring work by Andrea Spofford, Grant Clauser, Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Carrie Chappell, D.M. Aderibigbe, Melanie Tague, Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Kelly Cressio-Moeller, Kathryn Merwin, Alyssa Ogi, Gary Dop, Ashley Roach-Freiman, Ace Boggess, Marjorie Saiser, Emily Bernard, Simon Perchik, Caylie Herrmann, Danielle Susi, Genevieve Williams, John Findura, Charles Harper Webb, William Trowbridge, Martin Balgach, Alyse Bensel, Annette Oxindine, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb, Joe Nicholas, John Estes, Val Dering Rojas, Maari Carter, Laurin DeChae, Lindsay Tigue, Nate Pritts, John Andrews, Casey Patrick, Weston Cutter

New Fit


Even weeds know better thanVolume 4 Issue 1
to let go. Some dull bird

sits in the branches of the dead
red oak, dumb roots

still cupping dirt as it sits like
a cherry

on top of the stack
of dismantled branches we add to

after storms. Even the bird knows
better than

to trill. Even singing knows to
break to make

way for facts.

by Weston Cutter



The last thing I want
is to tell you a story.

My bright teeth hurt.

I have taken the birds out,
one by one, and watched them falter
at the crucial moment. But think wave,
not particle. How for every bird
we dust snow off and cup
in mittened hands, another one crests
an olive tree and liberates a kingdom.
For the others, we’ll buy tiny coats.
Hire tutors. Or, failing that, pave
our roads with their low-rumble bones.

The woolen fibers, years on, will be
something for children to puzzle out

when forensics is all
they need to know.

by Annette Oxindine




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