Poem of the Week: April 19th, 2015

John Nieves’ first book, Curio, won the 2013 Elixir Press Annual Poetry Award Judge’s Prize and was published in 2014. He also won the 2011 Indiana Review Poetry Prize and was a 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee. His poem, “Kennings,” can be found in Volume 2, Issue 1 of burntdistrict.

By John A. Nieves

If I called this
body a bonehouse,
would my flesh feel
cheated? Would it
sallow and wriggle
itself free? If I
called my soul other
smoke, would it wonder
what fire? Would
it search for the teal
center, the whiplick
withering the wick?
What if I called us
us? Would it close
the road like an accordion
with mile marker spines?
What note would it
play? What note?
What if I called?

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